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PhD-Research Cluster: Texts, Lectures and Radio-Essays (2013 - ongoing)

My research centers on the role of theoretical work by artists for the growing intellectualization of the artfield. This tendency is characterized by discursive framings of large-scale exhibitions, a new positioning of art museums as discursive institutions and the implementation of the tertiary education system. Therein one cannot only see a proliferation of discursive formats, but also a change in the societal role of art – art is progressively a member of knowledge society (Tom Holert). Departing from these observations I look at the interactions of this tendency and selected artistic positions and discourse practices. On the one hand I'm interested in indisciplinary practices (Jacques Rancière) that are developed by artists in order to critically reflect the change in art institutions and the academic upgrading and the role and function of artists in this process of the intellectualization of the artfield on the other hand. The results of this analysis stress significant aspects of the education of artists.

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Paratext: Pseudo-Allianzen

Research Cluster: Texts, Lectures and Radio-Essays (2011 - ongoing)

In a very basic understanding paratext is the text that surrounds the main text. Paratext is material supplied by editors, printers and publishers. The term goes back to the French structuralist Gerard Genette, who published its concept in 1987 in a book with the title «seuils», translated «thresholds». The Greek term para, refers to something, which is at the same time on both sides of a border, which marks the border itself. Something para-like has the same status as the text and is however secondary and subsidiary like a guest to his host. The paratext is an appendix, which controls in reality every reading process. I'm interested in the concept of paratext in regard to the art field. The aim of my research is to investigate in which ways the notion of paratext can be used in an art context. A work of art is, almost as much as a published text, surrounded by something that might be called paratexts - thresholds of interpretation - zones «not only of transition but also of transaction».

Output so far:

radio arthur

Monthly Radio Show, Events and Exhibitions (2007-2013)

Temporary radio studio, 2012

«radio arthur» is a radio-magazine, which is dedicated to the discourse around artistic positions and their formulations, critique and reception. Together with Franziska Glozer and Valentina Stieger I initiated «radio arthur» in December 2007 as a monthly radio show of 90 minutes. We were inspired by projects such as «Radio by Artist» curated by Ian Murray between 1978-1980, or «Kunst zum Hören, Kunst heute» organized by ORT Austria between 1976-1984 or «Radio Daniele» curated by Christopher Williams at the «Kunsthalle Zürich» in 2007. The medium radio and therewith especially the notion of the radio studio served us as a model for a place of exchange and discussion. A place at the point of intersection between exhibition space and radio show, between the perception categories reading and experience and between art work and discourse. We developed different formats, wherein we could work together with other artists or art institutions, such as «encounter», which introduces important artistic auditive art works, or «performance as a document», a conversation format between artists, or «choose an artist». In «choose an artist» one artist, or a group of artists is or are invited to introduce an artistic position, which is important for his/her or their artistic practice. By this, one reflects on ones own interpretation, terminology and the artistic position, which are inscribed in an individual's art practice.

With With

Lecture Series', Seminars, a Publication and a Book Tour (2009-2013)

«We would like to learn, and we are working on a book...» 2012

Together with Romy Rüegger I initiated a lecture series called «Everything but An Artist Talk». The starting point of this series was a seminar and lecture series about essayistic strategies we have organized as students within the Masters of Fine Arts class at the ZHdK in 2009. Starting from there, the series took off to different spaces, organizations and institutions within Zurich. We regarded the format of the lecture series as an ideal framework to question the status of knowledge in the artfield. What kind of knowledge is distributed and produced by artists? How did the art academies where we were trained at, form our artistic position? What role plays theoretical instruction in the use of the lecture as an artistic form of expression?

Together with Corinn Gerber, Romy Rüegger and HIT I edited the publication «We would like to learn, and we are working on a book...». This publication engages the form of the book as a site for poly-vocal and experimental research on art, language, and the economies within and between institutions and asks what the process of publishing means for knowledge exchange.


Exhibition space in Basel (2006-2007)

Round table discussion, 2007

Together with the artists Valentina Stieger and Dina Schüpbach I curated in 2006 an exhibition space in Basel, called SCHALTER. Throughout one year we organized every Thursday another event or exhibition. Quickly we weren't satisfied anymore by simply inviting an artist to show his or her work and rather wanted to create a framework, that was more than just providing a room for guest artists. We were interested in collective process', which tried to avoid the separation into traditional roles such as curator, artist, critic, audience, professor or student but aimed to question these positions by allowing for more varied and fluent processes. The conversation seemed to be an appropriate format to invite participants to take on and try out different roles. Therefore we started to initiate roundtable formats. These formats were a simple tool to find out more about the other artists, their positions and how I or we wanted to relate to that.


Lucie Kolb (b. 1985) is an artist and researcher. She's interested in indisciplinary theory practices in the cracks of the artfield. She has been involved in a variety of artistic and curatorial collaborations, as the radio-magazine «radio arthur», the series of lectures «With With: Everything but an Artist Talk» and the exhibition «You can find me in the lexicon, in the lexicon». She co-edited the publication «This book is a classroom» 10/2012 and the issue «(New) Institution(alism)», OnCurating 02/2014.

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Lectures, Lecture-Performances, Conversations etc. (2012- ongoing)

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